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Bella is a 2003 Hackney Pony mare who will need quite a bit of weight before she's ready to start her training. She has a beautiful natural gait that will look outstanding pulling a cart.


First Annual Golf Scramble

Join us on 23 Sept 2017 for our First Annual Golf Scramble! Choose your team of four to compete for prizes and support our herd.

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Second Chances Equine Rescue welcomes volunteers!

We are looking for motivated people in EVERY area.

Bathroom Facility

We are continuing to raise funds to build an ADA bathroom facility so that we are able to support a wider range of visitors.

Please consider a tax deductible donation towards this project. We have raised $2,300 of the $4,800.


Hurricane Cleanup

On 8 Oct Hurricane Matthew made his way up our coast. We nearly escaped all damage except for two trees that fell on our quarantine pen fence. A few volunteers came out even though they still didn't have power to help us clear up the trees. THANK YOU!

Dept of AG Pickup

On 15 Dec we picked up four local horses and their pig. We lost Hannah due to a severe injury but Big Boy, Patches, and Whiskey are doing great at Hope Reins Rescue. Mr. Pig was adopted locally.

Annual Fundraiser

Help us raise funds to continue lifesaving efforts! We get calls and emails for assistance everyday.

Justice for Sebastian

Sebastian was taken from us on 13 Feb 2017 due to a gunshot wound sustained on 30 Jan 2017. Please contact the Liberty County Sheriff's Dept at 912-876-4555 if you have any information that may lead to an arrest of the responsible parties.


  • There are some people who do this for the attention and then there are some who do it for the passion. This is definitely a passion.

    Grace Persinger

  • Caring people caring for horses at Second Chances Equine Rescue...AWESOME!

    John Sylvester

  • One of my favorite places to be.

    Ayla Nelson

  • It's great the love these ones have for the animals.

    Summer Rizzen

  • This is an amazing place. Second Chances gives hope to horses who have none.

    Jennifer Whalen

  • When a horse's world is thrown into chaos a horse comes here to find refuge and peace; when a person's world is thrown into chaos they come here and find their best friend and adopt them into their family. What more could horse or human ever desire?

    Elizabeth Jones

  • It amazed me to see the change in the horses after being there!!

    Tammy Gentry

  • I love volunteering here, it makes me so happy knowing that these horses are happy and loved!!!

    Maraleigh Buss